860c.4016/91: Telegram

The Minister in Poland ( Gibson ) to the Acting Secretary of State 22

75 [?]. General Haller has issued the following order:

“Soldiers; I have been told by the Jewish population of this country that they are treated by Polish soldiers in a way which is in keeping neither with the honor nor the greatness of the Polish army, that they are beaten, abused and injured, and that their property is being destroyed. Such demeanor is unworthy of Polish soldiers, who all are servants of a holy cause.

All those guilty of persecuting any portion of the population shall be severely punished and courtmartialled by my orders. The Polish soldier is bound to distinguish himself with his good behavior so as to leave behind in the hearts of every citizen of the Polish state, independently of the nationality or creed, [a feeling that he] belongs [to] a great cause, to the idea of reconstruction of his country.

To be read to all detachments now under my command. Signed General Haller.”

I suggest this be given wide publicity. Should be glad to receive editorial comment for use here.

  1. Forwarded by the Commission to Negotiate Peace as No. 2632.