839.51/2021: Telegram

The Acting Military Governor of Santo Domingo (Fuller) to the Secretary of the Navy (Daniels)22


The following message is for the Department of State. Prospective investors in 1918 Dominican Bonds raise point that if $20,000,000 Bond[s] of 1908 are redeemed prior to January 1938, the custom Receivership terminates & 1918 bonds will therefore not have Amortization and interest guaranteed by U.S. Collector of customs. Military Government’s interpretation of United States Government’s consent issue 1918 bonds is that it constitutes an extension of provision of American Dominican convention of 1918 [1907]23 until both loans are fully redeemed. Investors’ contentions tend to greatly reduce value of 1918 bonds. Strongly recommends immediate decision [Page 146] being given confirming military Governor’s interpretation, original publication of decision in financial publication. 1918 bonds lately issued. Prestige of military Government will be greatly diminished if its interpretation is not upheld. Cable advices of action requested. 12028.

[No signature indicated]
  1. Copy received in the Department of State Dec. 30, 1918.
  2. Foreign Relations, 1907, pt. 1, p. 307.