860c.4016/49: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Minister in Poland (Gibson)

12. Referring to Department’s No. 9, May 21. Fifteen thousand Jews held meeting May 21, Madison Square Garden, New York City, to protest against atrocities charged to have been perpetrated against Jews in Poland, Galicia, Lithuania and other countries in Eastern Europe. Charles E. Hughes spoke and stated in part: “If America stands for anything in her service to humanity, then let America speak. America owes it to herself that at this time her people with one accord and because they are Americans should unite in this effective protest. These sad reports of Jewish massacres are well authenticated and must be accepted, and therefore I say if we mean aught when we talk of liberty and of the cause for which we have been fighting if in all these days we have not simply been mouthing words, if America stands for anything in her service to humanity, then now let America speak.”

Question will undoubtedly continue to be violently agitated this country and in all probability will be discussed in Congress. It is very essential that you keep Department very fully and promptly informed exact truth treatment Jews by Poles including question of religious toleration and also attitude Jews towards Poles.

The newspapers are carrying special reports of a Jewish massacre at Vilna.