The Peruvian Chargé (Gibson) to the Secretary of State


The Chargé d’Affaires of the Peruvian Embassy, ad interim, presents his compliments to the Secretary of State and has the honour to communicate that the Ministry of Foreign Relations of Peru has sent him the following circular-cable:—“The President Elect, Mr. Leguia, has assumed the provisional presidency of the Republic by virtue of the nation-wide movement, effected by the people and the army without bloodshed, in complete order and with the enthusiastic assent of public opinion. The deposition of president [Page 731] Pardo was effected for the purpose of preventing the realization of the design, which his Government was preparing, to avoid proclaiming the president-elect and likewise owing to acts of a dictatorial nature undertaken with this object. The new Cabinet is composed as follows:—Cornejo, Interior; Osores, Justice; General Abrill, War; Idiaquez, Finance; Salvador Gutierrez, Development and the undersigned Foreign Relations and the presidency of the Council—Porras.”

Carlos Gibson takes advantage of this opportunity to reiterate to the Secretary of State the assurances of his highest consideration.