823.00/273: Telegram

The Minister in Peru ( McMillin ) to the Acting Secretary of State

Prensa July 14 publishes the reply of Supreme Court to letter of Acting President of the Chamber of Deputies declining his request that they resume consideration of the contested election cases pending before them. July 13 is the day provided by law for the preliminary meeting of Congress to prepare for the installation [of] new Congress. The same paper contains an interview with Miro Quesada, the President of the Senate. When asked if he would issue call for the new Senate to meet July 28, replied that he had no jurisdiction in the matter; that his term as President of the Senate would cease [Page 730] on that day. Commenting on the same subject, M. Balta Aanad, President of the House of Deputies, said it was clear from the time the decree calling general election was issued that the July 4 revolution had been directed against the present Congress, and as the present Government [controlled] all elements of force it was useless to assemble the Deputies for preparatory session.

Prensa today contains notes [of] diplomatic representatives of Belgium, Ecuador, Italy, and Great Britain acknowledging the receipt [of] July 5 note [from] Acting Minister for Foreign Affairs announcing Provisional Government and the Cabinet selected. Notes do not extend recognition.