823.00/264: Telegram

The Minister in Peru ( McMillin ) to the Acting Secretary of State

Diplomatic Corps assembled last night on call Dean of the Diplomatic Corps to consider political situation. It developed that only three responses had been made to letter of new Minister for Foreign Affairs announcing change in the Government and new Cabinet. Chinese response recognized new Government. Argentine Minister replied that he had referred communication to his Government. Uruguayan Chargé d’Affaires acknowledged receipt. He afterwards told Secretary of Legation his Government would act with United States. Brazilian Chargé d’Affaires told Secretary of Legation he had recommended his Government that he be permitted to act with the United States in the matter of recognition. When asked what action my Government is taking we said we were keeping it fully advised and would wait for instructions; that only three days having elapsed since [note of] Minister for Foreign Affairs was received, [we] regard little further waiting on developments wisest. Spanish and some other Ministers approved this. French Minister suggested propriety waiting for answers until Pardo leaves Peru if he is to go abroad. This met with favor. Meeting dissolved without definite action except general acquiescence in a waiting policy.