823.00/258: Telegram

The Minister in Peru ( McMillin ) to the Acting Secretary of State

Legation received note [from] Foreign Office signed by newly appointed Minister for Foreign [Affairs] giving names of new Cabinet. See my telegram of July 4, 9 p.m. The note states Leguia has assumed control of Government with provisional character until time legal control can be taken.

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Yesterday afternoon 6 o’clock, house of Barreda, cousin [of] President Pardo, was entered by mob. Representative of Prensa and numerous prominent citizens protested against violence and assailants [dispersed]. Newspaper Actualidad attacked by mob, paper temporarily put out of business. El Tiempo resumed publication yesterday. The two labor leaders arrested by Pardo government during recent strike released. Under the law, the Supreme Court decides contested congressional election cases and has been considering those resulting from recent elections. La Prensa today says Leguia Government has ordered Supreme Court [to] suspend this work. The Court published notice of its suspension. Today tranquil.