The Acting Secretary of State to the Director of the Economic Survey of Panama ( Owens )

Sir: The Department has received with interest your letter of April 19, addressed to the Secretary of State, informing the Department that you have been called by President Porras to conduct an economic survey of the Republic of Panama.16

The Department desires very much to see the finances of Panama placed on a solid basis and is glad to hear of any action tending toward this end. With this aim in view, the Government of Panama, acting upon the suggestion of this Government, appointed Mr. Addison T. Ruan Financial Adviser to the Republic. The Department hopes that you will cooperate with and be guided by Mr. Ruan in your work in Panama.

I am [etc.]

For the Acting Secretary of State
Alvey A. Adee

Second Assistant Secretary
  1. Letter not printed; it enclosed a statement issued to the press by the Panaman Legation, under date of Mar. 27, 1919, of which the first paragraph read as follows:

    “Senor Don J. E. Lefevre, Chargé d’Affaires of the Republic of Panama today announced that Dr. Clarence J. Owens, Director General of the Southern Commercial Congress has been called by President Belisario Porras of the Republic of Panama to direct a survey of the Republic with the view of solving the internal economic problems of the Country, with especial reference to agricultural finance.”