819.51/161: Telegram

The Minister in Panama (Price) to the Secretary of State

Supplementing my Nov. 9, 2 p.m.6 Panama President held Cabinet meeting yesterday afternoon and informs me salary $10,000 will be paid Fiscal Agent and that he will instruct Panama Chargé d’Affair[e]s Washington to conclude arrangements with the Department regarding selection. Panama President further agrees to submit to the National Assembly and exercise all his influence for approval [of] the bill drawn by Judge Feuille7 with a few minor changes which others and I approve consisting of following mainly: Article 6 [to be] changed to read “The Executive Power is hereby authorized to appoint the auxiliary personnel which he may deem necessary to help the Fiscal Agent in the discharge of his duties.” Further, Fiscal Agent is required to keep record of accounts and vouchers and to countersign every treasury warrant. If Department will give its approval the bill will be presented to the National Assembly immediately.

  1. Not printed.
  2. Not printed; copy received, Nov. 9, from the Secretary of War (File No. 819.51/158).