817.00/2591: Telegram

The Minister in Nicaragua ( Jefferson ) to the Acting Secretary of State

In reply Department’s April 26, 5 p.m. After receiving Consul’s telegram and despatch I immediately proceeded to informally take up this matter with Nicaraguan officials and later with the President who was absent from the city at that time. Nicaraguan officials maintained and contended that the petitioners should have appealed directly to the Nicaraguan Government and not the American Consul for protection. At any rate I was assured that extra police would be immediately sent and all necessary guarantees given.

In regard to the Consul’s report and representations concerning Martin and his American citizenship the American Consul is in error and should have been better informed. The records of the Nicaraguan Government show that Martin by his application to the Nicaraguan Government became a naturalized citizen of Nicaragua by decree number 127 dated September 12th 1918.

In my opinion the solution of the Atlantic coast question lies in the proper selection of a substantial man for Governor.

  1. Received the same day, but hour of receipt not indicated.