The Netherland Minister (Cremer) to the Acting Secretary of State

Sir: Under instructions of my Government I have the honor to bring the following to your courteous attention.

The Netherland–American Arbitration Convention of May 2, 1918 [1908], which was concluded for a period of five years, has been extended by agreement of May 9, 1914 for a further period of five years from March 25, 1914 and will consequently expire on March 25, 1919.

The Netherland Government would like to see the aforesaid arbitration convention extended for another period of five years. A draft agreement by which this could be effected, is enclosed herewith.2 As the approval of the Netherland Parliament is required before my Government will be able to ratify the agreement my Government will much appreciate if this agreement could be concluded at the earliest possible date so that it may become effective on March 25, 1919 at the latest.

I would therefore be greatly obliged if through your usual courtesy I could be informed at your earliest convenience whether the United States Government is ready to extend the Arbitration Convention of May 2, 1908 and if so whether that Government approves the enclosed draft agreement. In case the United States Government might desire to amend this draft I will be glad to transmit any suggestion to that effect.

Please accept [etc.]

For the Minister
W. de Beaufort
  1. Not printed; substantially the same as the final text, p. 651.