125.61383/118: Telegram

The Chargé in Mexico (Summerlin) to the Secretary of State

3272. Excelsior alone published today in large headlines and in detail circumstances surrounding capture of Consular Agent Jenkins at Puebla as follows:

On night of 19th three masked men entered Jenkins factory, gagging and tying watchman. Jenkins worried about non return of watchman went to factory where the masked men forced him to open safe from which they took approximately 60,000 pesos. Mrs. Jenkins hearing cries of her husband then appeared on the scene, was told substantially following by leader of outlaws: that they were rebel chieftains and would kidnap Jenkins for purpose of bringing difficulties between Carranza Government and United States; that they demanded 300,000 pesos ransom payable by Mexican Government, not accepting the money from Mrs. Jenkins; that Jenkins would be unharmed if they were not pursued but could give no assurances if pursued.

Newspaper states local authorities have done little or nothing and that story [was] brought by special messenger to avoid telegraph censorship.