612.119/2370: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Mexico (Fletcher)

1794. In May and June, 1917, Mexican Consul, New York, bought 7,000,000 seven millimeter cartridges. These are now stored at Alton, Illinois. About same time, Mexican Government bought 150,000 rounds for Military Commandant at Juarez.

Mexican Embassy here asserts that, owing to restrictions on exportation, cartridges were ordered sold, but as there were no buyers, it now states these shipments are of greatest importance for Mexican Government to use in fighting rebels and in so maintaining order and giving guarantees, and requests permission to export.

Governor Ortiz recently requested American Consul Chihuahua to permit importation 5,000 rifles to protect life and property. Consul believes Ortiz and Castro30 sincere in their efforts, and worthy of assistance.

Ambassador Bonillas has given interviews to press, to effect that Mexican Government will request permission to ship into Mexico munitions sadly needed by Carranza.

Kindly cable Department your views.

  1. Gen. Jésus Agustin Castro, Chief of Mexican Military Operations in Chihuahua.