882.73/25: Telegram

The Ambassador in Great Britain ( Davis ) to the Acting Secretary of State

1040. Confidential. Your 4017 of January 11, 4 p.m.71 My 721 February 4, noon.72 Foreign Office now informs us that the reply to the inquiry addressed by them to the French Government as to the steps which the French have taken or were proposing to take in order to obtain control of the African end of the former German cable from Monrovia to Pernambuco for the purpose of operating the line is to the effect that the original intention of the French authorities to transfer the end of the cable from the ex-German to the French cable station at Monrovia and to send a ship for the purpose was under protest [by] the Liberian Government and that out of [deference] to this protest the French Government have abandoned their intention of sending a ship to Monrovia and propose instead to cut the cable at sea and connect it with French Guinea. The French Government state that as the cable would not otherwise be of sufficient length to reach to the desired point in French Guinea they are giving orders for the removal and use of the cut section. Paris Embassy informed.

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