882.73/14: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Chargé in Liberia ( Bundy )

For your confidential Information.

Cablegram just received from Paris transmitting substance of French note is ambiguous and vague with errors in transmission,64 but the Department understands the French to state that if Liberia does not permit them to land German cable at Monrovia they may [Page 521] connect German cable with their cable to Konakry and disconnect their line at Monrovia thus leaving Monrovia without cable communication. Cable confidentially your estimate and recommendation.

If French disconnect their cable at Monrovia would it not be possible readily to secure connection from another cable line which passes Monrovia? Could German wireless now be utilized to give Liberia outside communication with Brazil or elsewhere?

  1. Cablegram not printed; for text of French note of Jan. 17, see p. 519.