The Chargé in France (Bliss) to the Acting Secretary of State

No. 6966

Sir: In confirmation of my telegram N° 6832 of the 18th instant,62 transmitting in substance a communication received from the Ministry for Foreign Affairs relative to Liberia and supplementing the note telegraphed in full to the Department by my N° 6749 [6774],63 I have the honor to enclose herewith copy and translation of the Foreign Office note on which my said telegram was based and the object of which is to beg our Government to urge the Liberian Government to reach a better conception of its own interests and those of its allies.

I have [etc.]

Robert Woods Bliss

The French Ministry of Foreign Affairs to the American Embassy

According to information just received from Monrovia at the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, the Liberian Government, whose point of view, it is said, is supported by the Federal Government, persists in refusing the necessary authorization to effect the coupling of the German cable between Monrovia and Pernambuco, with the French Company’s land station at Monrovia.

As the Ministry for Foreign Affairs has had the honor to inform the American Embassy by its note of the 10th of this month, the Government of the Republic will, much to its regret, be obliged to have this coupling made at the station at Konakry by means of part of the French cable between Konakry and Monrovia, now in operation for Liberia. The responsibility for an action so prejudicial to the interests of Liberia will rest entirely with the Liberian Government. Its refusal to grant an authorization which its duties as an ally as well as its own interest should have prompted it to give voluntarily, seems inexplicable to the Government of the Republic.

The Ministry for Foreign Affairs will be happy if the Federal Government could bring the Liberian Government to a better understanding of its own interests and the general interests of its allies.

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On the other hand the Ministry for Foreign Affairs has also learned that because of the uncertainty of the Federal Government’s intentions as regards the concession for the railroad which is requested by the Société Coloniale pour le Commerce et l’Industrie the Liberian Legislature which is about to close its session continues to hesitate to pass the bill which is now before it and which would seem to be advantageous for the country.

Referring to its note of the 10th of this month the Ministry for Foreign Affairs permits itself to request again that the necessary instructions be urgently addressed on this subject to the representative of the United States at Monrovia.

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