882.73/7: Telegram

The Chargé in Liberia (Bundy) to the Secretary of State

On September 13th, 1915 German cable between Monrovia and Pernambuco, Brazil, was cut and not since operated. Legation advised that French cable company here has informed Liberian Government of its intention to attach a new section of cable at sea to the end of the old line from Pernambuco at the point where it is cut and permission is requested of the Liberian Government by the French cable company and vigorously supported officially by the French Chargé d’Affaires to connect on the beach at Monrovia the land end of this new section to an unused line already laid by said company from its own cable office in this city to the point on the beach at which the land end of the new section will emerge from the sea. If carried out this proposition would give French cable company possession of what was substantially old German cable between Monrovia and Pernambuco. Liberian Government has not given requested permission; in addition to several reasons, national in scope, maintains that final disposition of former German cable lines may be question of international concern and it is thought inadvisable for Liberia to take independent action in the question at the present time. Accordingly Liberian Government earnestly requests the Government of the United States to support the position [Page 507] taken by the Republic in this matter with a view to an adjustment after it has been definitely ascertained by consulting the Department, if not otherwise, what act[ion] Liberia may take without prejudice to her national as well as international obligations.

Liberian Government also expresses the hope that Department may find it possible to examine before reaching its decision full written explanation, to be mailed, of all reasons given for not granting permission requested.