815.00/2012: Telegram

The Minister in Honduras (Jones) to the Secretary of State

Referring to my cable of September 12th, 3 p.m. Apparent quietude prevails. Sent special messenger and two delegations to confer with Lopez Gutierrez and endeavor to prevent his troops entering Tegucigalpa armed. He agrees to stop at [Toncontín] and occupy surrounding grounds about three miles from Tegucigalpa and hold conference to-day. He claims the success of revolution highest exponent of popular will and proposes to occupy all barracks and exercise practical military dictatorship while expressing great satisfaction with Bogran and anxiety for free elections. Official notification to Bogran seems to have been held up by revolutionists until Lopez G. reached here, and he states that he cannot await arrival of Bogran as it will be too long. Willy Debbe of Rossner and Company, Amapala, among his chief advisers.

Council of Ministers authorize me to offer Lopez conference with all contending parties on an American war vessel in order to insure complete impartiality and freedom of action, Membreno’s followers not participating. Please cable Admiral Wood to remain at Amapala and await these developments.

Should Lopez G. insist on using force, which seems very improbable, Membreño’s followers might join Government forces and reopen the revolution. Council of Ministers will make no armed resistance but will abandon their offices if Lopez G. insists on occupying Tegucigalpa by force, thus placing entire responsibility upon him.

Please instruct me should Lopez G. refuse to accept conference and assume authority.