The Minister in Haiti (Bailly-Blanchard) to the Secretary of State

No. 339

Sir: Referring to the Department’s unnumbered despatch of March 20, 1919, enclosing the draft of a protocol between the United States and Haiti and the Department’s cable of August 20–6 P.M. and intermediate cables bearing on the subject, I have the honor to forward herewith copy of the protocol in English and French as accepted by the Haitian Government.42

It has been agreed between the Minister for Foreign Affairs and myself that on the signing of the protocol, notes will be exchanged to the effect that the member of the claims Commission appointed by the Haitian Government shall meet the approval of the United States Government.

It is respectfully requested that as shortly as possible after the receipt of the copy of the Protocol herewith enclosed, that a cablegram of approval and authorization to sign be sent me as it will not be possible for the Financial Adviser, Mr. McIlhenny to leave Haiti until the Protocol is signed.

Mr. McIlhenny feels, and I thoroughly agree with him, that the condition of the French exchange is at this time so advantageous to the interest of the Haitian Republic that it is highly desirable that he should be placed in a position where he can take advantage of the opportunity now offered.

I have [etc.]

A. Bailly-Blanchard
  1. Enclosures not printed.