838.51/842: Telegram

The Minister in Haiti (Bailly-Blanchard) to the Acting Secretary of State

Department’s unnumbered despatch March 20. Result of preliminary negotiations with President of the Republic Haiti, following changes in protocol, suggested by him, concurred in by Financial Adviser and me, submitted for Department’s approval:

Article 2, seventh line, after the word “Haiti” eliminate “with the approval of the Financial Adviser.” It was agreed that person appointed I shall meet approval of American Government.

[Page 343]

Article 3, number 3, first line, after the word “interest” insert “as this sum will have been verified and admitted by the Financial Adviser.”

After number 4 add number 5 and 6 as follows:

  • “(5) The bond issues A. B. C. interior debt.”
  • “(6) The Claims passed upon by the Féquière Commission.”

This commission was presided over by Mr. Fleury Fequiere, now Minister of Finance, the personnel of which was approved by the President and result of whose work must be approved by Financial Adviser.

Article 4, third line, after the word “elsewhere “insert “in the Republic of Haiti.”

Article 9, third line, after the word “authorized elsewhere” [sic] insert “after the approval of the Secretary of State for Finance and the Financial Adviser.”

Article 11, third line, after the words “and by the” insert “Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, representing Government of Haiti.” Eliminate balance of paragraph.

Respectfully request instruction as to designation by the Secretary of State of representative of the United States in conformity with article 11.