711.38/122a: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Minister in Haiti (Bailly-Blanchard)

You are instructed to deliver the following note to the President of Haiti, textually:

“In 1915, the Government of the United States and the Government of Haiti concluded a convention wherein the two Governments agreed to cooperate in the remedying of Haitian revenues and finances, in the maintenance of the tranquillity of that republic and in the carrying out of plans for the economic development and prosperity of Haiti. The Government of the United States is of the opinion that in order properly to achieve these objects of the treaty, appropriate legislation is requisite, the machinery for the enactment of which has been provided in Article D of the new constitution.3 Being confident that the Government of Haiti concurs fully in this attitude, and in view of the treaty obligations of the Government of the United States toward the Government of Haiti, set forth above, this Government desires to bring to the attention of the Haitian Government its belief that all proposed legislation bearing upon any of the objects of the Treaty should be submitted to the representative of the United States near the Haitian Government for the information of this Government and if necessary for discussion between the two Governments, prior to the enactment of the proposed legislation. The Government of the United States has to this end empowered the American Minister at Port au Prince to confer with Your Excellency’s Government in regard to the method best adapted to achieve the desired results.”

You are therefore instructed to confer with the President of Haiti at this audience regarding the details for the execution of the above-mentioned arrangement, which should be embodied in memoranda to be exchanged between the Haitian Government and the Legation after approval by the Department. Confidential: For your guidance in this connection, you are informed that the Department considers the Legation to be the intermediary between the United States and all the treaty officials and desires that you will confer with the different treaty officials concerning the proposed legislation having to do with their respective duties.