763.72113/1131: Telegram

The Chargé in Guatemala ( Thurston ) to the Secretary of State

During an interview with President Cabrera on October 3rd I conveyed to him the contents of the Department’s instruction dated September 22, 5 p.m. He stated he had deemed it best to await the ratification of the treaty with Germany before proceeding with the sale of the German properties; that the ratification had been effected; that he had nearly completed the acuerdo whereby the rulings would be officially authorized and that on the following Monday, October 6th, he would inform me of the date and conditions of sale.

On October 15th I addressed a note to the President reminding him of the matter but received no reply and on October 25th I sent him a telegram stating that I was preparing a cablegram for transmission to the Department in which I would be very pleased to incorporate any information he might see fit to furnish in response to my inquiries of October 3rd and 15th; he replied by telegraph that by October 29th at the latest he would furnish the desired information but he has failed to fulfill his word.

I am convinced that President Cabrera is vigorously opposed to the transfer of these properties to American interests. There is no other explanation of his attitude throughout the whole enemy property negotiations. I recommend that the Department give [Page 299] serious consideration to the advices received, cabling me instructions whereunder I can force the issue with him since if emphatic representations are not made immediately the return of these properties to their German owners or their apportionment among natives financed by Germans and this Government may possibly result. I have received but have not confirmed several reports that President Cabrera is conducting negotiations with Germans on this subject.

Since all applicants have been denied information regarding properties I have furnished it to representatives of G. Amsink and Company, Mercantile Bank, Imbrie and Company and other responsible American interests and if sale is held there should be heavy bidding by American interests. I have sent report by mail.27

  1. Report not printed.