763.72113/1083: Telegram

The Chargé in Guatemala ( Thurston ) to the Secretary of State

Department’s July 26, 1 p.m. I have received from the Guatemala Government the official list of enemy properties taken over by Guatemala Alien Property Custodian which I was instructed to obtain by the Department in the cablegram of May 26.24 This list comprises [Page 296] some 70 German coffee and sugar plantations each of which is fully described as to area, production, laborers etcetera. No appraisals furnished me yet but I have asked for an estimate of the value of each property.

This report further gave a very evasive and unsatisfactory statement of the manner in which one of these properties could be acquired by a prospective purchaser. I indicated to President the inadequacy of this statement and received his assurance that anyone desiring to purchase a former German owned property now in the hands of the Guatemalan Alien Property Custodian need only be a person legally able to buy and to present himself at the public auctions whereby those properties will be sold. The President states that these public auctions will commence during the latter part of this month when official lists of the properties to be sold will be given publicity.

The Mercantile Bank of the Americas; H. W. Catlin; A. Quinby and other bona fide American interests have assured me they will bid for these properties. Does the Department desire me to cable list and description of properties?

  1. Not printed.