467.11St25/37: Telegram

The Commission to Negotiate Peace to the Secretary of State

4435. Department’s 3164 September 18th 1 [7] p.m. I have seen Mr. Thomas and have advised Ambassador Davis that he should endeavor to secure the removal of the British restrictions on the movements of the three American geologists now waiting at Jerusalem. Your proposed note affirming the rights of our nationals under concessions not worked but duly consummated after Turkey entered the war seems to me the right way of raising this question which should in my opinion be handled not through the Peace Conference but through the Ambassador in London. When however the Turkish treaty is drafted the validity of Ottoman concessions to foreigners may come up for [settlement]. We have no knowledge of any action by the Peace Conference regarding the Palestine concessions. Doctor Weizmann informs us that the Zionists are raising no objection in respect to such concessions. The Ottoman Government was notified on August 8 by the Supreme Council that no sales of Ottoman state property made since the armistice will be recognized. Polk.

American Mission