The Minister in Cuba ( Gonzales ) to the Acting Secretary of State

No. 989

Sir: Referring to the Department’s instruction No. 775 of March 24,11 and to my despatch No. 985, of April 15, in reply thereto, I have the honor to report that in President Menocal’s semi-annual message to the Congress, published some days ago, I find the following reference to the official work of General Crowder:

“I intend to address in due course a special message to Congress containing the report which I have requested of the illustrious [Page 17] ex-President of the Advisory Commission of 1906, who in large part drafted the electoral law now in force, Major General E. H. Crowder, U.S. Army, and who by authorization of his Government and at my invitation, is at present in this capital engaged in this important task, and I am sure that his exceptional ability in this line of work will be very helpful for the recommendations which I shall at the proper time submit to the consideration and resolution of Congress.[”]

I have [etc.]

William E. Gonzales
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