3a. Notification to the Government of Belgium, approved June 24, 1919

M. Clemenceau, President Wilson, and Mr. Lloyd George to the Belgian Minister for Foreign Affairs (M. Hymans)

Paris, June 16, 1919.

Sir: The Reparation Clauses of the draft Treaty of Peace with Germany obligate Germany to make reimbursement of all sums which Belgium has borrowed from the Allied and Associated Governments up to November 11, 1918, on account of the violation by Germany of the Treaty of 1839. As evidence of such an obligation Germany is to make a special issue of bonds to be delivered to the Reparation Commission.

Each of the undersigned will recommend to the appropriate governmental agency of his Government that, upon the delivery to the Reparation Commission of such bonds, his Government accept an amount thereof corresponding to the sums which Belgium has borrowed from his Government since the war and up to November 11, 1918, together with interest at 5% unless already included in such sums, in satisfaction of Belgium’s obligation on account of such loans, which obligation of Belgium’s shall thereupon be cancelled.

We are [etc.]

  • G. Clemenceau
  • Woodrow Wilson
  • D. Lloyd George