Chapter IV.—Provisions relating to certain railway lines (Art. 372 to 374)

Article 372.

When as a result of the fixing of new frontiers a railway connection between two parts of the same country crosses another country, or a branch line from one country has its terminus in another, the conditions of working, if not specifically provided for in the present Treaty, shall be laid down in a convention between the railway administrations concerned. If the administrations cannot come to an agreement as to the terms of such convention, the points of difference shall be decided by commissions of experts composed as provided in the preceding Article.

Article 373.

Within a period of five years from the coming into force of the present Treaty the Czecho-Slovak State may require the construction of a railway line in German territory between the stations of Schlauney and Nachod. The cost of construction shall be borne by the Czecho-Slovak State.

Text of May 7:

In the absence of any special agreements, Germany shall be bound, within a period of 25 years from the coming into force of the present Treaty, to allow, on the request of one of the Allied and Associated Powers made with the consent of the League of Nations, and accompanied by an undertaking to defray the initial cost, the construction or improvement on her territory of lines and connections which may be needed for the establishment of good through services or for the improvement of communication between the territory of the Power making the request and that of any other Power.

Nevertheless, it may be stipulated by particular provisions of the present Treaty, or of supplementary agreements, that, in the case of the construction or improvement of certain specified lines, the initial cost shall be divided among the Powers concerned in proportion to the advantages derived by them. Such division, in default of agreement between the Powers concerned, shall be made by an arbitrator appointed by the League of Nations.

Article 374.

Germany undertakes to accept, within ten years of the coming into force of the present Treaty, on request being made by the Swiss Government after agreement with the Italian Government, the [Page 686] denunciation of the International Convention of October 13, 1909, relative to the St. Gothard railway. In the absence of agreement as to the conditions of such denunciation, Germany hereby agrees to accept the decision of an arbitrator designated by the United States of America.

Note to XII, 374

The convention signed at Bern October 13, 1909 between Germany, Italy, and Switzerland is printed at 105 British and Foreign State Papers, p. 639. It did not enter into force until October 4, 1913. An agreement between Italy and Switzerland on the same railway was signed and entered into force simultaneously with the convention.