File No. 763.72/12195

The Special Agent at Corfu ( Dodge ) to the Secretary of State


Following is substance of radio sent yesterday by Jugo-Slav delegates to National Council, Agram:

On arrival called immediately on Entente naval commander in chief, who informed us of armistice conditions, requesting our opinion. Cannot telegraph these as still secret. We answered had no authority to give binding reply, but would reply until your authorization received and Trumbitch arrives. Fearing he cannot come, are telegraphing him and Zashitch our reply to commander in chief. We ask recognition of our state, and of treaty of Pola regarding surrender of fleet, recall of Italian troops from contentious regions, gulfs and cities. We place our whole Navy as far as not needed by us at Entente’s disposal, also commercial fleet, arsenal Pola fort, and other forts, railways, on condition all returned at peace, Entente bearing expense; that we be represented equally at peace congress by plenipotentiaries nominated by us or with Servia as single state; that Entente revictual us against payment and grant loan for state improvement. Countersigned with commander in chief who drank to prosperity of Yugo-Slavia. All going on better than would appear. Hope to save all fleet, and for favorable settlement other contentious questions. Reassured, unanimous in opinion.