File No. 763.72/12159

The Special Agent at Corfu ( Dodge) to the Secretary of State


Acting Minister for Foreign Affairs informs me last evening three delegates, the Dalmatian Tressic, Pavisic, an Agram Socialist, and a Triestian, accompanied by Yugo-Slav military and naval officers, presented themselves to the Servian Government with credentials from the Serb-Croat-Slovene or Yugo-Slav National Council of Agram. Delegates declared: They desired to confer with Servian Government and ask its advice as to how to proceed; they had themselves received the surrender of Austro-Hungarian fleet now held at Allies’ disposal; National Council had authority over all Yugoslavia and received best news, all population being united and excellent disposition prevailing; there was much feeling, however, because of the Allies’ troops only Italians had so far occupied their [Page 869] territory; Italians had sunk Viribus Unitis while flying Yugo-Slav colors; food conditions alarming throughout Yugo-Slavia; other conciliator [delegate] on the way from Bosnia.

Cabinet Minister greatly elated. Crown Prince expected shortly.