File No. 763.72/13376

The Special Representative ( House) to the Secretary of State


37. For the President:

The following telegram was despatched this morning:

Messrs. Tressic, Pavisic, Bugsck, Koch, commander of the fleet at Pola. In reply to your telegram with salutations of friendship we notify you to proceed immediately to Corfu under a white flag to place yourself at the disposal of the commander in chief of the Allied forces. Notify the commander in chief at Corfu by wireless of the moment of your departure and your arrival. Signed, Clemenceau, House, Lloyd George, Orlando.

This telegram is addressed to the Jugo-Slav committee at Pola. At the same time it was agreed that the French, British, Italian, and the United States Governments should each send the following instructions to their naval commandants in chief in the Adriatic:

Until further notice you are not to attack the ships of the Austro-Hungarian fleet in port. Take measures to insure the passage of those ships which may come to Corfu under the white flag to place themselves at your disposal. You may expect to receive [from] Pola a confidential telegram advising you of their departure.

Edward House