File No. 861.00/3134

The Consul General at Irkutsk ( Harris) to the Secretary of State


149. I am officially requested to transmit the following to Department with request to transmit to President Wilson and Professor Masaryk:

Ekaterinburg, October 12. The Czecho-Slovak National Council, Russian branch, and all the Czecho-Slovak Army after four months of fighting in Russia during which they were separated from all the world gladly welcomed the information that the Government of the United States of America and all the Allied Governments recognized the Czecho-Slovak Nation to have a state of independence and the Czecho-Slovak National Council as the Government of the Czecho-Slovak Nation. With satisfaction we accepted the information seeing this as an argument that the endeavors of our supreme organ the Czecho-Slovak National Council with Professor Masaryk as its president and to which we absolutely subject ourselves were rightly estimated by the Allies. We assure you that all the doings of the Czecho-Slovak Nation in our oppressed home and on the Allied fronts are directed by one will to deliver ourselves from the German oppression and to stay faithfully as a free nation side by side with the Allies in the fight for victory of the truth and right. The Czecho-Slovak Nation never forget who in the heavy moment gave it a helping hand to the way of liberty.

The Czecho-Slovak Council. Russian branch. Signed, Vice President Jesensky, countersigned, Secretary Richter.

[ Harris]