File No. 763.72119/1585

The Ambassador in Italy ( Page ) to the Secretary of State


1515. [My] 1507. Conference for agreement between races oppressed by Austria-Hungary closed here yesterday and adopted resolutions of which following is résumé and which it is understood were confidential and not for publication.

  • First commission’s resolutions. Military organization outside nations oppressed by Austria-Hungary should be considered by Entente Governments as not only military but moral factors of greatest importance in the struggle [against] Central Powers. Desires such elements be used on the Austro-Italian front. All organizations adherent to congress agree to lay aside disputes which would help Central Empires and distort Allied public opinion. That Entente Governments refrain from supporting propaganda instigated to aggravate quarrels between oppressed nations. Expressed hope that organs of Allied propaganda will announce that—
    Allied states admit as combatants all those expressing their desire to be liberated from German-Magyar yoke and made independent states;
    All soldiers or members of these races in Allied countries are acting in perfect harmony with principles of the decrees of the Entente;
    All members of these races in Allied countries enjoy a status as friends and allies under jurisdiction of and guarantee of national committees;
    All members of these races who have been found with Allies may acquire civilian rights in Entente countries;
    Right of these races to constitute themselves independent states recognized by Entente.
  • Second commission’s resolutions. Expresses wish that—
    Allied Governments assure these races that Entente entered war in order to liberate races oppressed by German-Magyar domination;
    Allied Governments encourage movements having for object complete emancipation of these races.
  • Third commission’s resolutions. Considers necessary—
    Creation in Allied capitals committees of accord composed of oppressed nations’ representatives and those of Entente;
    The collaborating of representatives of principal nations in such committees based on principle of autonomy of each national group;
    Next congress to convene at Paris without delay for the immediate formation of committees at Rome, London, and Washington, according to rules indicated by the present committee.
Nelson Page