File No. 763.72119/1569

The Ambassador in Italy ( Page) to the Secretary of State


1507. Conference of nationalities under Austria is meeting here, many Italian associations being represented. Also present delegations of Czechs, Slavs [Slovaks], Roumanians, Poles, Jugo-Slavs, likewise, for France, Franklin-Bouillon and Thomas; Steed and Watson for the United [Kingdom]. Nelson Gay, a well-known American citizen, is the only American member and says he has made it plain that he has no association behind him and has no [instructions]. He has stated to me that object is to bring together nations now suffering under Austrian yoke and obtain liberty for their nationalities, also that he understands that the conference is in accord with the President’s views on preserving nationalities. Conference will continue for two days. Many of the delegations [Page 796] self-appointed. No Montenegrins present due to Jugo-Slav jealousies. It is stated that the Italian deputies and senators present [are] representatives of Italian Parliament. Important section of the Italian press also represented. Senator Rondelini [Ruffini] was elected president of the congress. Signor Amendola, correspondent of the Corriere della Sera, was elected general secretary.

Nelson Page