File No. 763.72119/1315

The Chargé in Switzerland ( Wilson) to the Secretary of State


2642. In view Department’s 1451, February 4, 5 p.m.,1 consider it advisable telegraph in full Emperor Charles declaration on Ukraine peace:

To my people! Thanks to God’s gracious assistance we have closed peace with Ukrainia. Our victorious army and our sincere policy of peace which we have followed with indefatigable perseverance have brought us the first fruits of our war of defense carried on for our existence. Together with my sorely tried people I trust that after this first conclusion of peace, for us so gratifying, suffering humanity will soon be favored with general peace. Under the impression of this peace with Ukrainia we look with full sympathy upon that striving young people in whose hearts as first among our enemies the feeling of neighborly good will exhibited itself and who after bravery proved in numerous battles also possessed sufficient determination to give expression by deed in the eyes of the world to its better conviction. Thus it detached itself first from the group of our enemies in order to join its efforts with our strength in the quickest possible attainment of the great objects which are now common. From the first moment in which I mounted the throne of my august ancestors I felt myself at one with my people in the firm determination to fight the struggle forced upon us until an honorable peace might be obtained and now I feel myself all the more one with them in this hour in which the first step toward the realization of this aim has been taken. With admiration for and affectionate recognition of the almost superhuman persistence and indescribable readiness for sacrifice of my heroic troops, as also of those who at home have daily shown a no less courageous spirit, I now look forward with full confidence to a near happier future.

May the Almighty continue to bless us with strength and endurance so that we may obtain not only for ourselves and our allies but for the whole of humanity the final peace. Signed, Charles.

  1. Not printed; general instruction to cable important speeches.