File No. 763.72119/8184a

The Secretary of State to the Chargé in Switzerland ( Wilson)


1500. Secret for Wilson alone to decode.

Concerning the possible need of Austria to obtain financial aid after the war under certain conditions I think that it would be wise at this time to convey secretly, unofficially and orally to Lammasch or his agent that, in the event of Austria being deprived of German financial support through acting contrary to the wishes of the German Government in independently arranging a cessation of hostilities and negotiations for peace at the present time, person conveying information has strong impression amounting to conviction that Government of the United States will exert its influence to the end that financial assistance may be obtained in the United States as nearly as possible to the extent that Germany would have furnished it if there had been no breach in their relations.

As to the most expedient channel to convey this secret and unofficial information to Lammasch I rely wholly upon your discretion, though I think that it would be unwise to employ Herron, whose relationship with Lammasch should in no way be embarrassed by making him the agent of delivery of even the most unofficial message. Herron has acted so wisely and shown such discretion his future usefulness must in no way be endangered. Please act promptly and discreetly in this matter and report fully.