War Trade Board Files: Japanese Tonnage Negotiations, Vol. II

The Chairman of the War Trade Board ( McCormick) to the Representative of the British Ministry of Shipping ( Fisher)

Dear Captain Fisher: Your letter of August 13 and its enclosure is acknowledged. Whether there is or is not a net gain to the cause of the Associated Governments in London’s proposal to enter into competition with us in bidding for charters in the Pacific appears to me to be open still to grave doubts. It is, however, quite clear that there is in this method an element of loss, a way to eliminate which might well be disclosed by further discussion. On behalf of the interests of the War Trade Board in this matter, Mr. E. F. Gay will be glad to consult with you at your convenience.

Allow me also to say that we have asked the American section of the Allied Maritime Transport Council to consider the whole problem of complete utilization of tonnage in the Pacific, so that the question may be faced from the broadest possible outlook.

Yours sincerely,

[ Vance McCormick]