File No. 103.94/301

The Ambassador in France ( Sharp ) to the Secretary of State


4784. From Summers for Baruch:

Arrived in Paris to attend meeting of Inter-Allied Munition Council August 14. Have had number of meetings on various matters. [Page 601] Indications are that United States will greatly increase military programme, calling particularly for steel. Italy is gravely short of pig iron and steel, will probably need 100,000 tons of pig iron from us balance of year. Recent military developments indicate France will need some steel for 75 millimeter shells. Am investigating all of these requirements. Suggest that all Allied inquiries for supplies be held up temporarily until programme committees can check. This applies particularly to chlorine for France. In view of the fact we have excess toluol at present, advise if you can let Italy have 250,000 gallons to meet urgent need.

Have agreed to represent Belgian requirements to Allied Mission [Munitions Council?]. Great Britain acting for Portugal, France for Greece, and Italy for Servia. This action will tend to keep council down to workable size. Expect to remain in Paris until August 20.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . .