File No. 103.94/307h

The Acting Secretary of State to the Ambassador in France ( Sharp)


5175. War Industries Board is sending abroad a group in connection with arrangements for the participation of that Board in the discussion of inter-Allied organizations being formed in Paris and London. Personnel of this mission comprises Mr. Leland L. Summers, member of the Board, who will act as head of the mission, Mr. Chandler P. Anderson, counsel for the War Industries Board on international matters, Mr. George N. Armsby, Mr. Albert M. Patterson, Mr. Lincoln Hutchinson, Mr. John Hughes, Mr. Edward A. Pierce, Mr. Paul Mackall, Mr. Frederick K. Mxon, Mr. Arthur D. Whiteside, Mr. Henry W. Boyd, Mr. Hubert H. Brooker, Mr. Philio B. Gait and Mr. James Bernard Mahoney. This mission is only for the purpose of exchanging views and final action as result of this exchange is to be referred back here for any necessary decision.

Please communicate this information to French Government and repeat to Embassy London for its information and that of the British Government.