File No. 861.00/3401

The Ambassador in France (Sharp) to the Secretary of State


6218. Following joint telegram from Allied Ministers at Jassy, dated Army of the Danube, December 7:

[845.] The Russian delegation having brought to our notice the immediate necessity of a denunciatory declaration to the Bolsheviks we have charged the French Consul at Kiev to make it in our name. We did not hesitate to do this so as to prepare, as far as possible, the channels for an intervention on the part of the Allies; although the decisions of the Entente in this regard have not yet been notified to us. We send in our telegram in plain language No. 8461 the text of this declaration. The first part was drafted at Jassy, the second part to the present government of Kiev was added there by the French Consul. Exercising the latitude which we had given him he considered, in view of the local situation, that without making engagements any time for the future the present system of government should be supported as it represented the only organization which could at present be utilized against Bolshevism.

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