File No. 861.00/3395

The Ambassador in France (Sharp) to the Secretary of State


6205. Following joint telegram from Allied Ministers dated Jassy, December 7:

[846.] Referring our telegram No. 845.2 The powers of the Entente state through their special delegate, the French Consul at Kiev, that they will not permit that the work of the reestablishment of order and the reorganization of Russia begun by patriotic Russians and powerfully supported by the Allies shall be disturbed in any manner whatsoever. The regeneration of Russia as a power, forming part of the victorious group of democratic countries of the Entente, shall be carried out in conformity with the desire of all patriots and of all elements which stand for the maintenance of order in Russia, particularly as it effects the parts of southern Russia occupied as well as unoccupied by the Germans and threatened by Bolsheviks. The powers of the Entente declare their firm purpose to maintain order there. This decision will be carried out within the shortest possible period by an armed force as large as circumstances may require. Furthermore, they declare that from the present they will render personally responsible all political leaders for every attempt to create trouble and anarchy. The French Consul at Kiev declares the Entente powers intend to support, with all their force, the existing authority at Kiev represented by the hetman and his government, in the hope that he will be able to maintain order in the cities and provinces until the arrival of the Allied troops in the country. The soldiers of the Entente powers do not desire to enter your territory as enemies or police. They come as friends of people who for two years have fought in the same ranks. Every attack upon the existing authorities, every revolt which will render [harder] the task of the Allies, will be severely punished. The Entente powers urge you to preserve calm, to return to your work, and to aid in the maintenance of order.

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