File No. 861.00/851

The Consul General at Moscow (Summers) to the Secretary of State


129. Consul, Odessa, reports fights there stopped by compromise between Maximalists and Little Russians. No Americans injured. Conflict arose about refusal Little Russians to take part [in] expedition against Don Cossacks. Morning press announces defeat of Bolshevik forces at Rostov and other points. At Kiev Ukrainian forces disarming all Bolsheviks and will probably support Cossack troops in reestablishing order. Consul, Archangel, reports authorities and people refuse recognize Bolsheviks.

General indignation being shown by all classes against terrorism of Bolsheviks, and populist, socialist, radical, democratic, liberal, and conservative press all over Russia condemn Bolshevikism and declare it to be nothing less than German propaganda. The victory of Kaledin and loyal troops may liquidate the Bolshevik movement more quickly than expected. Soldiers Russia can no longer be counted on as an active fighting unit. If Alexeev and Kaledin put down this movement as it seems now they will, they will reorganize the army and at least prevent food and supplies reaching the enemy. They will also prevent release a million prisoners, being turned loose to join the enemy’s ranks or to spread anarchy over Russia. They will also guarantee the existence and work of the Constitutional Assembly which the Bolsheviks are now threatening to dissolve. In order to carry out their program the Siberian Railroad must be kept open and they will need money and supplies. Even if the Bolsheviks carry out’ their program the civil war in Russia will only be equaled by the present great European conflict. Every possible step should be taken to stop their campaign which can only result in loss of countless lives and a civilization of several centuries.