File No. 763.72/8204

The Ambassador in Great Britain (Page) to the Secretary of State


[From Crosby:]

Referring to despatch from our Consul at Tiflis1 received after wiring you yesterday. Comparing that statement with later telegrams received here from British agents, find situation viewed differently and that our Consul’s report far more optimistic as to possible resistance against Germany than any English reports. Best that can be looked for from these reports is creation of disorganization in southern Russia which might prevent Germany from organized commercial enjoyment of resources of southern Russia. Suggest our Consul be notified that the British Government has instructed its agents to make offers of needed financial help to various Russian and Armenian groups. … Desirable, however, that he should be instructed to confer closely with British and French representatives and if possible agree with them concerning their recommendations to London and Paris, which in turn will be immediately available to Ambassador Page and myself, if you think desirable, although I recognize delicacy of urging this. He might also be authorized to telegraph me directly London or Paris. Recognize danger of having independent communications with your agents and make this suggestion based on theory that comparison of our Consul’s report with English and French reports here can then be promptly reported to you thus giving you better material for forming final decision than if you receive reports from him alone.

  1. The reference is probably to the telegram described in footnote 1, ante, p. 588.