File No. 861.00/839

The Consul at Tiflis (Smith) to the Secretary of State


General Shore, high [head of] British Military Mission, has received instructions by cable accepting the plan which I submitted to the State Department in my telegram of December 11, which was on the same date forwarded by him to London. As this action has doubtless been approved by the United States and as any delay seriously complicates already existing critical condition, in the absence of instructions am not [now?] proceeding with work on the lines indicated in my several recent telegrams to the Department and am sending Vice Consul this evening to Ekaterinodar with personal letter to Kharlamov suggesting Cossacks’ cooperation with the Allies and foreign [Armenian and Georgian] troops to disarm, at various points on railroad between front and here, returning soldier mobs of which there are about half million in this district.2

I have also asked him unofficially to give me an outline of their most urgent needs. I hope the Department will authorize the loan of 60,000,000 rubles referred to in my telegram of December 13. It is necessary to support this Government by checking Maximalist movement which if successful would greatly impede if not entirely stop formation national troops. I have to suggest all financial aid to this or the federal government be [granted] only if expenditures will be under control Allied commission. Referring to my telegram of November 303 for Armenian Relief Committee, recommend that [Page 593] our Government grant or advance committee $1,000,000 for [extensive] manufacture clothing for use units now forming, such goods being unobtainable sufficient quantities. Owing to vast increase work at this office require the assistance of at least two additional consular officers. Communication with Embassy interrupted. Please instruct.

  1. Text of letter, post, p. 607.
  2. Not printed.