File No. 861.002/55

The Ambassador in Russia (Francis) to the Secretary of State


449. After 5 p.m. President requested a conference with Ambassadors which was held 7 p.m. when the following Ministry submitted: Chaikovski, President and Minister of Agriculture; Gukovski,1 Minister of Justice; Kurakin, Minister of Finance; with Kalinin and Graner assistants over Bureaus of Commerce and Supplies respectively. Zubov, secretary with portfolio Posts and Telegraphs, Durov, Minister of War and Governor General. Conference held with commercial interests which were asked to submit names for portfolios without votes, but after discussion disagreeing resume negotiations disaffections resulted, the President claiming that association for regeneration of Russia held at Moscow months ago limiting legislative or sovereign power to members Constituent Assembly which includes above-mentioned President and the Minister of Justice who are socialists. [Durov?] is a Cadet, others not politically active. Graner leader of cooperatives in Europe. Kurakin is the manager of the State Bank. The executive council, Grudistov chairman, continues. I am personally acquainted with all and think selection [Page 553] good as many active in commerce and politics here were arrested by Bolsheviks, taken to Moscow, or fled to escape arrest. Ambassadors expressed no opposition. Ministry will be announced 6th.

French Ambassador received cable Paris stating Omsk and Ufa governments formed all-Russian government with five representatives: Avksentiev; Chaikovski, president Archangel government; Vologodski, president of Omsk government; Astrov, former mayor of Moscow; and General Boldyrev.

Bolsheviks claiming victories against Czechs and say that when Archangel port closes will turn attention thereto and easily capture Allied forces there. Please cable Siberian situation.

  1. In a notice published in the official collection of orders of the Supreme government of the northern region (No. 1, Art. 136, p. 156), Gorodetski was named as Minister of Justice and Mefodiev as Minister of Commerce, Industry, and supplies.