File No. 861.00/2876

The Ambassador in Russia ( Francis ) to the Secretary of State


444. Quiet here; epidemic practically ended. Five British battalions landed at Murman, 30th; Poole dissatisfied because he desired them here; five more battalions reported coming soon. If [Page 552] American forces had landed with Poole, he thinks could have routed Bolsheviks and captured Vologda and Kotlas but delay has enabled Bolsheviks to increase their strength and present more formidable resistance under German instruction. If American troops had not come, doubtful whether central committee or diplomatic corps or sovereign government could have remained in Archangel.

I have had the President’s speech and appeal of Department to Allied and neutral governments translated and shall publish, 5th, with a note from myself directing attention thereto.

Minister of Justice resigned because he disagreed with President who is now forming ministry but is obsessed with the idea that Russian law requires his colleagues to be Constituent Assembly members in order to have legislative or supreme power. President more pliable has agreed to abstain from participation in municipal elections to be held soon. Poole and the Governor General cooperating. Archangel crowded; experiencing difficulty in securing hospital.