File No. 861.00/2897

The Ambassador in Russia (Francis) to the Secretary of State


451. Deciphering of your 284, October 3, 6 p.m., completed while I was holding a conference with Ruggles, Stewart, and [Samarin?], assistant governor general, to determine how we could render the most effective assistance to formation Russian army. The conclusion was to defer organizing petition for Slav legion and assist sovereign government in every consistent way in promoting mobilization which it has decided upon. The government and ourselves also dependent on British for clothing and food for our armies. The British and French efforts towards respective legions disappointing in results, former secured about 1,600, latter maximum 200. Government’s mobilization will be hampered by competing efforts of British and the French to organize in the city. I shall have a conference with Poole before his departure and with Ironside on the subject.

Please express to the President my sincere appreciation of his approval, also my congratulation [on] speech of 27th ultimo.