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The French Ambassador ( Jusserand ) to the Secretary of State


Mr. Secretary of State: The Ambassador of Russia to Paris has communicated to the French Government a telegram in which the Directory constituted at Ufa sets forth its program for the restoration of a provisional government of all Russia and applies for recognition by the Allies.

Although the program which is no doubt known to the American Government is satisfactory as to its principles, the degree of influence on the masses that may be possessed by the five directors, two of whom, Mr. Chaikovski and Mr. Vologodski, were absent from Ufa at the time it was drawn up, is not sufficiently demonstrated to enable the Government of the Republic to grant them official recognition. Any other course of action would run counter to the policy which the Allies have proclaimed under all circumstances and which consists in non-intervention in Russian domestic policy and in not favoring one party or government to the injury of any other.

It is through its acts, if it succeeds in developing its resources, in reestablishing the right to tax, and in carrying into practice the plan for the reorganization of the Russian Army work at Ufa and Omsk by General Boldyrev and General Ivanov, that the Directory will demonstrate that it is a real government enjoying the required stability, and will thus draw nearer to recognition by the Allies.

The Government of the Republic, however, thinks that it should not go so far as to refrain from getting into touch with the men of good will who, without outside help, have succeeded in constituting an embryo of government centralization and in forming a union with the provisional governments of Archangel and Omsk in the same way as the latter government appears itself to have absorbed the divergent combinations of Harbin and Vladivostok.

The large number of ethnical and economic parties or groups that the Ufa Directory represents and the general principles by which it is guided cannot but induce the Allies to extend to it some assistance, particularly of a financial character, and to keep in touch with it through consular officers who may watch its proceedings, furnish it advice, and keep us informed of the cause of events.

In order not to let the declaration of the Ufa Directory go unanswered and to avoid any possible difficulties among the cobelligerents, my Government has instructed me to submit to your excellency the enclosed draft, which in its opinion suits the circumstances.

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I should be very thankful to your excellency, if you would kindly let me know as soon as possible if your own views agree with those hereinabove stated.

Be pleased to accept [etc.]


Draft of Answer to the Directory at Ufa

The Allied Governments have received copies of the telegrams sent by the Ufa Directory to the Embassies of Russia abroad, which set forth the political program adopted by the Ufa conference for the restoration of the Russian state.

The principles upon which the Directory rests its policy are the recognition of the alliances and treaties of Russia and cooperation with the Allies against Germany.

The Allied Governments are glad to greet the dawn of new days for Russia, thanks to the reestablishment of the disciplined military forces conducive to the restoration of order. They will accordingly keep in touch with the Ufa Directory through agents appointed to watch with sympathy and facilitate in every way the labors of the Directory up to the time when the Directory, by the successful outcome of this action, the firmness of its acts, and the consent freely expressed by the people shall have been consecrated by official recognition.

The Allies, desirous of coming to Russia’s assistance and to labor jointly with the leaders towards the restoration of the state, will not fail to accord in full confidence to the Directory the moral support that it may need, as also all the material assistance at their command.