File No. 861.00/3089b

The Secretary of State to the Russian Ambassador ( Bakhmeteff )1

[My Dear Mr. Ambassador:] As you are aware, this Government is not, at the present time, prepared to recognize any new government in Russia, though we watch with interest and hope for the future the various efforts which are being made to restore law and order under a stable government.

I note that the conference at Ufa includes the names of many distinguished Russians and shall be very glad to be kept advised as to the progress of this movement.

As you are aware, the purpose of the United States to assist Russia by any practical means which may be devised remains unchanged. The fact that this Government does not see its way clear at the present time to recognize political movements at Ufa and, elsewhere must not be construed as a lack of sympathy with the efforts of the Russian people to erect a government which is able to protect individual rights and to perform its international obligations.

[I am, etc.]

Robert Lansing
  1. From a copy sent to the Italian Ambassador, Oct. 22; no record of original.