File No. 861.00/3017

The Consul Detailed for Special Duty in Russia and Siberia (Jameson) to the Secretary of State1


Referring to my previous telegrams sent through the United States Consuls General at Irkutsk and Peking, it is my duty again to point out these facts:

Czechs hold the United States Government alone responsible for Allied failure to aid them on Volga front.
British and Japanese openly state [Americans?] assume the responsibility for betrayal of Czechs’ lives.
New Russian army also infected with the idea that America is grave danger [to] Russians, preventing Allies from helping Czechs in their fight against Germans and Irkutsk [Bolsheviks?] on Volga front; the result is grave danger Russians will welcome Germans in default of Allies to preserve order.
Russians already turning against Americans and Allies on account delay Allied forces; German propaganda strong and Russians will welcome troops of any nationality who assist them.
America was the most popular nation with the Czechs and the majority of Russians months ago but now reverse is true.
There is still time to make the name of the United States respected as before by Czechs and Russians but action must be immediate; if American troops no matter how few arrive on Volga front, our reputation may be regained but if not will be completely discredited.
Very few troops will be sufficient to regain our reputation; even two battalions on front in American uniforms would show that we were supporting Czech Allies, not betraying them.
Even if it is decided not advisable to form front in Russia, it is vital to send American troops now to Volga front and afterwards to withdraw Czech and American troops.

Realize that from purely military viewpoint perhaps problematical to lend [sic] troops, but it is vital to American prestige and Czechs’ morale that we contradict German reports of our standpoint by actual appearance in the field.

Telegraph answer informing me American plans number included.

  1. Sent via the Consulate at Vladivostok (No. 212).