File No. 861.00/682

The Minister in Sweden ( Morris) to the Secretary of State


1020. Our representative Torneå telegraphs me 3 o’clock this afternoon as follows:

To-day new rumors regarding large-scale preparations by Kerensky to advance against Petrograd. Moscow fighting and serious [Page 237] damage to city confirmed by passengers and newspapers arriving from Petrograd to-day. Petrograd quiet, theaters open and trains running. Bolsheviki unable to present satisfactory list of ministers for new cabinet. Passengers state soldiers quietly parading with banners, “Russia does not want separate peace,” demanding Constitutional Assembly of all Russia, “Down with Petrograd domination of minority party’s tyranny!” demanding freedom of press, “Nicholas’s régime was never as tyrannical as Bolsheviki’s régime.” Gorky’s paper and Golos Naroda say, “No peace! With Russian Constituent Assembly, and dismissal of Red Guard.” Central Committee of Social Democrats passes resolution, “If coalition cabinet is formed all parties must be proportionately represented, liberty of press, dismissal of Red Guard, immediate cessation of fratricidal war and freedom from imprisonment of former Government supporters.” Passengers almost unanimously of opinion that no matter how strong present revolutionary government is it cannot last because it is without support of all parties including extremist socialists.